Strategic Partnerships
And Collaborators

More and more, we are seeing God building His Kingdom by bringing together like-minded ministries and organizations, committed to working together for maximum impact.

Nowhere has this been more clearly seen that through what God is doing in and through the Global Leadership Network. In the past few years, God has brought the GLN together with world-class partners and collaborators, and together we are seeing tremendous impact taking place.

Here are some of the organizations who are journeying with us.

World Vision International continues to stand alongside the Global Leadership Network in a world-wide, Kingdom-building partnership. Together we are raising the awareness and importance of leadership among the next generation by presenting the World Vision Emerging Leaders Award. World Vision is also a key partner in the GLN’s Next Gen movement.

Cru, or Campus Crusade for Christ, is developing into a tremendous global partner with the Global Leadership Network. Cru operates in 109 countries, building into Christians from many walks of life through many initiatives and ministries. Together, Cru and the GLN are teaming up to provide world-class leadership development opportunities to Christian leaders around the world.

Barna Group is a faith-based organization that seeks to help Christian leaders understand the times and know what to do. Together with World Vision, the Global Leadership Network is teaming up with Barna to provide a dynamic experience called Resilient Pastors to church leaders in many countries around the world. In addition, we share a vision to see the GLS become centers where information on church trends can be collected to help all of us better understand how God is working in and through His church globally.

Open Doors is a global ministry whose purpose is to strengthen and equip Christians around the world who are facing persecution and discrimination because of their faith in Jesus Christ. The GLN is exploring a partnership with Open Doors that would see their work given greater awareness, and would see the GLS provide leadership training for Open Doors teams and networks around the world.

Beyond Success is an initiative of Equip, the leadership development movement birthed by John C. Maxwell. Beyond Success provides an opportunity for churches to invite marketplace leaders into a leadership development program that can guide them beyond the achievement of mere success and towards a higher goal of attaining lasting significance. The GLN is teaming up with Beyond Success to begin providing this tremendous program to marketplace leaders around the world.

C12 has a vision to change the world by advancing the Gospel in the marketplace. And the Global Leadership Network is working with these world-class organization to help them achieve this vision. Together we want to see positive Kingdom impact, by seeing Christian CEOs and business owners equipped with biblical leadership values and practices.

FILO (First In Last Out) is a non-profit organization built around supporting technical artists who serve the local church, designed to provide skill development, community and inspiration to equip technical artists to become effective contributors to their local church. Since its inception it has helped GLS partners across the globe to not only improve in excellence, but also invest in volunteers in their local communities.